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New report out

Posted 16/04/17

As a result of several months of research collaboration the Managing Money consortium is proud to share the publication “How to Manage Money? Exploring Needs for Financial Literacy & Education of Adults in 7 European Countries”. The report was composed with the clear aim to be insightful both for experts in financial education as well as individuals who are new to the topic.

The 60 page document describes the current state of financial education among adults in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom looking into active stakeholder and national policies. In two core chapters we present elements of good practice for educational provision and lay out perceived needs to better support adults in making informed choices (at best before any debt occurs) in times of complex financial products and increasing personal responsibilities.

The authors would like to emphasize their gratefulness for the support of experts in financial literacy and/or adult education whose knowledgeable reflections enriched this document to a great extent: Aisa Amagir, Markus Bassenhorst, Zoe Dixon, Marianne Eek, Sonja Bercko Eisenreich, Selma Filipančič Jenko, Howard Gannaway, Kirsi-Marja Kekki, Boštjan Krisper, Brigita Kropušek Ranzinger, Josip Lamešić, Wim Meijer, Marianne Nijs, Helen Pitman, Michael Royce, Hans Jürgen Schlösser, Biljana Škarja, Gerard Suijkerbuijk, Karine Tzaud, Katleen Van den Driessche, Kathlen van Landeghem, Paola Vezzani, Esther Winther, and Helen White as well as all those who shared their insights anonomously.