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Our research demonstrates the need for wider access to and engagement with financial literacy programmes for adults across Europe, especially those currently under-represented in adult education. The “Managing Money” partnership is developing an adult financial literacy curriculum which can be delivered by organisations which are experienced in engaging and supporting those most at risk from financial difficulties.

To support curriculum delivery, “Managing Money” is developing offline and online resources, including a responsive app, which embeds learning in real life contexts to make financial literacy immediately relevant to learners.

Using these resources, “Managing Money” will trial various learner – centred pedagogical approaches, including self directed, flipped classroom and blended support models, offering high quality learning through innovative outreach and delivery methods. 

The project will produce:

Needs analysis
Including a summary of existing practice, policies and resources, relevant curricula and research.

Financial literacy curriculum
A non–formal curriculum for adult learning

To support curriculum delivery

Managing Money app
To encourage self directed and blended learning

Pilot trial reports
From Ljudska univerza Velenje, Stichting ROC West-Brabant, CVO Antwerpen and Learning and Work Institute

Learning Guide
For use by adult education providers, associations tutors and trainers across Europe

The Managing Money project is being put together by partners from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia and Norway who, having seen a presentation about the numeracy app “Maths Everywhere”, were keen to work with its developers to produce a similar model for financial capability.

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