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During 2016, the curriculum was developed with the help of the partners and other collaborators. It is partly based on the “Competence goals for numeracy” and the “Basic skills profile for financial literacy” developed by Skills Norway. Through This resulted in these four categories:

  • Budgeting
  • Banking
  • Loans & Credit Cards
  • Shopping

These categories cover most of the areas in life where adults will have to make informed choices regarding their financial situation, both in present and in the future. In the process of developing the curriculum, it was taken into consideration the areas where the Needs Analysis reported a need. The curriculum is made to fit the needs of adults in all of Europe in todays society.

The curriculum takes a financial planning approach to managing money, from measuring income and assessing current spending to developing a balanced budget which is reviewed regularly to reduce risks to sensible borrowing and money management.

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Supporting resources for the curriculum can be found here